Anna C undermines the R*E*P*E*A*T ethos by giving a bit of love to some really nice bands


Ambushing the bandwagon of popular acts such as Ben Howard, Milo Greene, Passenger and The Lumineers for their harmonic, camp-fire singalonga choruses, Mighty Oaks are a really nice band. Formed in Berlin, and hailing from the USA, the UK and Italy, the trio play a melodic pop that is really very pleasant, uplifting and heartwarming in all the right places. The title track, not surprisingly, is about brotherly love and the journeys it might take you on, those that follow are along similar romantic themes. Having three brothers, I can’t imagine their reaction if I sang something that soppy about them- I used to watch them feed each other grass in a quite violent way during disagreements- but it’s nice to know that other siblings have a more loving relationship. Listen to this while you’re sitting on the beach, feel the sands in your toes, hear it while the sun is setting. You get it- these five tracks are the soundtrack to your lazy summer days. Even if you’re a cynic, just put it on if you want a cheesy musical hug.

Released 7th July, 2014

Zero 7- Simple science

Ah. I love Zero 7. Responsible for making some of Britain’s best chill-out music ever, new single ‘Simple science’ moves towards more of an Ibiza sundowner feel, the same fresh air, carefree music we’re used to but with more of an upbeat twinkle in the eye. Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker are veterans of making us sigh with synth sounds, creating a euphoria that takes a step away from the yearning ambience one might expect. ‘Perfect fucking day to lose it all’ vocalist Danny Pratt repeats about a relationship he just can’t walk away from, in an utterly infectious piece that will have you raising your arms in a ‘T’ every time you hear it. I’m a rocker by heart but I always have one foot unashamedly on the light- up dance floor. So this made me happy. The plus one listened in disgust but what does he know?

Summer’s here. Mine’s a strawberry daiquiri. Bliss.

Simple Science 12” is released on July 14th, 2014 and the EP will be released otherwise on 18th August, 2014 by Make Records. Just in time for your beachside revelries.



‘Two dudes, two mics. Anything can happen’. So say Davey Pierce and Nicolas ‘Dobby’ Dobbratz- formerly of Of Montreal- of their new lovechild, YIP Deceiver, which sees them inventing a new word in their album title, even if they aren’t necessarily inventing a new genre of music. Apparently Medallius is about always keeping an elegant attitude regardless of how trashy a situation is. And ‘Medallius’ has elegance in spades, a huge hunk of disco electro-pop that makes no promises to be different but celebrates the best of their contemporaries. With less of an indie sound than the pair’s earlier projects, if the album was a dance-off, it would involve a heavily sweat-banded MGMT versus a dungaree-clad Jake Spears firing a confetti cannon as a sneaky tactic. Oh, and a posturing Madonna circa 1984 as referee.

Quite a cosmopolitan sound for two blokes from Georgia, the tempo is usually as fast as the vocals are often high, the content cheeky and the melodies family-friendly. Still, from the sexuality of the sax-fuelled ‘Go on’ to a less obvious request for a lover in recent single ‘Get strict’, the Super Mario Bros accompaniment in ‘Obnoxia’ and the 90’s pop/r&b of ‘Tops Part II’, complete with Soul II Soul synths, ‘Medallius’ is cool without trying. It will lift your spirits and your arse-cheeks by the amount of moving it will get you doing. Happy days.


Whinnie Willams is the London-dwelling, self-professed lovechild of Brigitte Bardot and Del Boy. In fact, this is an excellent description of her blend of retro glamour and down-to-earth familiarity. Perhaps also the result of Lily Allen getting drunk with Shampoo and Nancy Sinatra, Williams’ quirky world is in a similar vein of pop goodness but regurgitated for a new generation, mostly funny stories interspersed with tongue-in-cheek samples that include a dog called Brian and a quote from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, used to perfectly illustrate the more vulnerable themes of Mix-tape Vol. 1.

However, during opening track, ‘Bad girl’- in which she claims she’s ‘going to f*ck around a bit’ over a screaming soul snippet- it’s clear from the off that Williams is a strong female presence, hellbent on doing what she wants, despite the subject often being about rejection or failed relationships. ‘Hold me like you actually give a shit’, she sighs the next minute, giving the impression that, while Whinnie Willam’s is a funny, glorious, lusty, friend you would want to have, you could count on her for an honest opinion. And she makes the best mix-tapes. What more do you want?

Anna C