AUTONS 'Short Term Manifesto'
Zip Records ZIP051/ Repeat Records

Starts off in not particularly exhilarating fashion via 'The Devil In Me' & 'It's A Strange Thing' but then gathers momentum via 3rd track
'Snakes' which is really catchy (though still not one of the best) and it is 4th 'Shine Tester, Shine Tester' which glows & fully captures the
attention. Next up 'Different Eyes' is a very pretty piece as is the gently rolling 'Firebird' - there is now truly something special going
on here. 7th 'Ice Major' is another contagious offering "maybe i'm the grand master with a short term manifesto / maybe i'm a three-minute hero
in a four-star institution".

Afterwards it is the majestic & epic 'Maybe' which particularly stands out. They are from Portsmouth and consist of 3 brothers David, Tony & Ray Auton & are known as Portsmouth's best kept secret. Some of the keyboard sounds here approach that of the vibraphone sound of Simon Dupree & The Big Sounds 1967 hit 'Kites' (a band which also contained 3 brothers in the Shulman's and who also came from Portsmouth!) Digressing aside then this is an unusual but excellent affair successfully combining a strange mix of electro, indie, pop, rock, psych, dance & punk. (8½)

By Ron Cooper, Zabadak

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