X Ray Flex
You Flexi Thing Vol 8

R*E*P*PE*A*T Records
Reviewed by Welsh Music Podcast

While searching through the treasure trove between the racks of your local record shop today, look out for You Flexi Thing Vol 8.


Released via the iconic DIY Swansea / Cambridge label R*E*P*E*A*T to celebrate Record Store Day on limited edition doubled-sided white flexi disc, the four-track collection combines great grassroots and independent artists.

This volume starts in style with Jump In from Newport legends The Darling Buds with another slice of perfect pop and crystalline, jangly riffs that hints at the brilliance of their long-awaited follow-up to Erotica.

Next up is a complete change of pace courtesy of Cambridge quartet The Monoliths delivering pure punk fury spat out with razor-shredding vocals on Fuck Oasis. Liam and Noel probably won’t be impressed…

Then it’s back to Swansea with Tom Emlyn of Bandicoot and News From Nowhere, who is every bit as impressive going it alone with a lo-fi indie anthem of longing called Serenade featuring a guitar tone that lodges in your head and a nice little false ending.

The collection closes with another Molotov cocktail of adrenalised punk, this time from Colchester as teenage firebrands The Verdicts take aim at Boris Johnson and The Sun in You Believe.

All this is available for just £4 from participating record shops nationwide, or it can be ordered via Bandcamp subsequently here: https://bit.ly/2UUqxoJ

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Excited if anoymous fan shows off his copy of X Ray Flex
in Relevant Records, Cambridge.