THE VON NITROS- Make some noise!

A Cambridge-based quintet, these boys like wearing black and red stripey tops and, oh, eyeliner/ facepaint like Marilyn Manson. As soon as I opened the CD and saw that staring back from the cover, I was instantly dubious about what the music would sound like. Still, described as 'the soundtrack to a Tarantino B-movie that hasn't been made yet', the blurb was devastatingly attractive. I love the 60's surf/ garage rock scene, acts like The Sonics who allow their raw energy and emotion to mingle with the simplicity of the music, music typically fuelled by pungent testosterone. Sigh.

Unfortunately, The Von Nitros, though following the same formula as the style of music they adore, just don't have the sexiness to go with it, the cool sort of feeling that makes you believe the musicians in these bands have lived ten lives and are still surviving on a diet of cigarettes and girls. And you want to be one of those girls lighting their post-coital cigarettes. But flash forward to now and let's cut to the chase. Though the genre is well recreated here- albeit more polished than I personally prefer- the vocals lack passion and the lyrics lack soul.* 'Let's make some fucking noise', for Christ's sake. For this reason, I'm out. Don't write in, please.

*Apparently they're better live?

Anna C