22nd April 2022

I arrive late for Chaos8, a name derived from magic apparently. I am struck straight away by how excellent they are, fast and punky with an underlying metal sensibility. The have great songs including one re a creepy telephone caller where the androgynous singer distorts her voice to chilling effect. It’s hard to tell whether she’s a boy or a girl to quote the Jean Genie.

Pic Sarah Louise (Flickr)

Then it’s the turn of the legendary UK Subs - sorry legendary is a bit over used these days. Charlie Harper, who claims direct lineage to Cesar Romero from 60s Batman, is now about 70 or maybe more, and was also once part of the London RnB scene in the 60s. He still has an impressive mane as do the uber sharp guitarist who has licks to spare. Warhead with its Killing Joke comparisons gained the spotlight a while ago when it was played in all of its stark punk nuclear holocaust causticness in an episode of This is England. Strangehold I am dedicating to my Dad as he liked to sing along to it. C.I.D., Tomorrows Girls, Down on the Farm (covered by Guns n Roses) are all echoes of a glorious Jubilee past when red Doc Martens and kicking high into the air were popular. These hits actually promote some frenzied punk dancing, which I did expect more of. There is also a man with half hippy, half punk hair.

Extraordinary, as David Coleman used to remark.