The Twang - Mainline

Wind blowing, swirling noise. plodding of bass. Abruptly followed by the vocals, getting straight to the point. The best part for me is the ring of a bell in the background, every other line of vocals, listen out for it! The horns building the groove, then, bam. In comes the loud, syncopated, dance-able party, that is the chorus. Horns bouncing off the groove laid down by the bass and vocals. It feels rounded and thick, enveloping you within the song. Then dropping back into the verse, which contains a few memorable lines, 'you got a nose thats longer than Pinocchio's, and it seems to be growing by the day,' which forms a classy roll, which drags, eventually getting to the next chorus. The second chorus is much the same as the first, but short. The song then raises, sounding high, and unreachable in the bridge. sounding trapped, and far away. Only the bass sounding at home. Falling back to earth for another chorus, we enter an instrumental section, Showcasing the true power of the horns, which fade into a gentle end to the track.


Through fun, and a party atmosphere the song conveys a scene of the troubles faced by society and the world today. An interesting contrast.


Edd Pipe