The Virginmarys- Dead Mans Shoes

Starting with intrigue in the bass, then Thunderously, like a herd of wilder beasts on the run, the drums tear through, Followed by the noisy, crunchy, craziness of the guitar, opening the song with speed and ferocity. The Lyrics punch into the mix covering the already tight layer in a sarcastic, eloquent veneer. The chorus layers on the guitar with even more punch, and ends with the only real vocal hook of the song dragging out to remain in your mind for hours afterwards. The bridge breaks it down, and strips it back ready to erupt once more into the previous wild beast once again.


On originality, the song doesn't do much for me, the same booming drums, the same crunchy guitar, the bouncing bass, I've heard it all before.

But do not be misconceived. As you listen, it screams fourth youthful vigour and energy, tearing your thoughts asunder as it consumes your mind, as a Primitive force, bulging with muscles, and tearing through its chains. This energy, can easily carry a song away. This is the kind of song where it would be an insult to play it quietly.

A strong 8/10 from me.

Edd Pipe