The Subways 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'

A three piece indie band from Welyn Garden City - Billy Lunn, Josh Morgan - who are brothers, plus Charlotte Cooper. This trio have been around for some time now. Their debut album 'Young for Eternity' was released in 2005 and the great John Peel was the first to play their single, '1am' on radio!!

The Subways, with extensive gigging experience and various festivals under their belt have definitely established themselves on the indie band scene with a loyal fan following. They have released quite a few EPs to date - some of which have been used as theme tunes for various tv stuff - with 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' being their latest release.


What do they sound like? Em, well, there's a definite quirky kick to 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'; it's fast, energetic and fun. Although I enjoyed listening to it, was left whistling the tune in my head for a while afterwards, reminding me of the after taste of some familiar food you haven't had for a while, I soon forgot the whole experience.

Repetitive, meaningless lyrics often fail to embed or leave any imprint on the heart and soul. But then, that's not their purpose. So take it like it is.. 5 minutes of fun.

My son said he liked it, it reminded him a bit of 80s fun punk where you could just jump up and down. He's 10 years old though though...

Lorna M