The Machismo's - Fake Live ep
7" vinyl / Download

To watch Sam Marsh play live is to experience a revelation as to what one man can do. Not content with having been in era defining underground Bury St Edmund's band Jacob's Mouse, he now drums and sings in jaw droppingly exciting, original, captivating, unique and recently reformed 3 piece The Machismo's. Watching their set at The Portland the other day it was incredible to see Sam drum so frenetically and perfectly while also leading the vocal assault at the same time as amusing us with his own brand of dead pan downbeat Suffolk poetry.

While such musical dexterity can sometimes lead to dull music, that is in no way the case with The Machismo's. The songs all work as band performances and definitely not to showcase just a one Sam band. The tracks on the a side rock along nicely with the guitars beefy and vocals languidly loopy.

The B side reveals the influence 90's Jungle has on the band with the bass riff in the final track really spinning you around. Like a record baby.


Maybe this wasn't really recorded live – who knows – but it begins to recreate what is is about The Machismo's that makes their gigs so special.

A genuine live hit for lover's of excessive apostrophe's everywhere.

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T