The Machisimo's - Good Things About To Happen

Opening with a bundle of noises, the track rumbles on, tugging its brilliance along with it. Incomparable to anything but a truck driving through Mumbai on market day, this album flaws all expectations. The opening track oozes optimism. The grunting guitar chugs away repetitive riffs, the drums knock out simple beats, and the vocals tell tales of woe, and joy all in one happy welcoming environment. All of the tracks seems like a fully comprehensible jumble of noises. All of the parts weave in and out, crashing like waves, and clanking with the regular rhythms like a machine. There is very little comparison that you can draw to any other acts, even other DIY bands like 'Yo La Tengo' these records are set aside in a world of their own, where it seems much simpler, and happier. For me one of the best albums of 1996/2013 depending on how you look at it.


Edd Pipe