The Erratic Man- Back In The Day

Happily bouncing along, Back In the Day begins on a high. A fun, danceable element is brought in with the verse, and the vocals are superb. The lyrics, cleverly twist the theme, whilst making interesting statements about modern times. The song slowly brings up new textures, horns, guitar, but the bass leads throughout. The Chorus holds the same enthusiasm and energy. After the first Chorus, there is a refreshing drum/ horn break, building back into the height of the Verse, then the Chorus. The instrumental that follows only heightening the dance-ability. In all, 'Back in The Day,' is a refreshing track, for a feel-good sunny day, and I would recommend it.

What follows is not so savoury. The Remix reverbs the vocals, making the witty, and happy lyrics, almost inaudible. The synthesized lead lacks originality and tags along with the vocals for much too long. Then to top it when the drop eventually arrives, after very little build up, there is a very little drop. A drone is added on the bass, adding no groove, or fun to the track. The drums come in, adding the only almost dance-able element to the track, and do little for me. The track seems to be modelled around a club-type style, but doesn't fulfil some of the basic elements needed for a club track. The tempo is slow, and the bass is virtually non-existent.

3/10, due to the remix.

Edd Pipe