Motors, women, drugs, booze and killing

I feel like I have a sick liver. Seems the inevitable way to start this review. Looking at a picture of this band, self professed ‘aging Welsh hipster twats’, I only wonder what in the line of any of the album title factors do they spend a lot of time on. Unless they are mechanics. In which case, if they’re drug-addled, sex-addict, alcoholic murderer mechanics, I think I might try the nice bloke down the road. Anyway, where were we? The Sick Livers have introduced me to ‘glunk’ rock. What the eff is that? Indeed, you may well ask. Apparently, it’s a mixture of glamorous punk. Yes, really. I know. Really goes with the aging twats moniker, doesn’t it?

And, as I’ve never heard of glunk, I would liken The Sick Livers to traditional punk rockers for their one-tempo, one-chord songwriting style. The vocals sound a bit like Offspring, the lyrics and music, er, don’t. You get the idea of what sort of sound they’re going for with song titles like ‘Give me the drugs’ and ‘Bummed to death’ in that people their age who still like to break out and pogo about for a bit before the wife notices would enjoy it but we’re not making any political statements here, unless they’re very subtle and I’m too tired and my liver’s too sick for me to notice. I imagine it’s quite the thing in Wales. They would like this there. Good solid pubk music. And yes, that’s is punk to be played in a pub. Good times.


Released 24th June, 2013. I’ve been in hiding. Sorry.

Anna C