THE PLEA- Staggers Anthem

This indie-rock quartet are from Ireland. And what is their 'plea' in the case of Claxton Vs musos; accused of sounding just like f-ing U2? Guilty as charged. Hailing from Donegal, evidence presents that the singer blatantly wants to be Bono's leather trousers, not to mention the fact that 'The Plea' are heavy on the anthemic guitars and nicked a melody that is not unlike 'City of blinding lights'. All very complimentary, of course, but how necessary, your Honour?

And despite the fact that they should be sent down for their crimes, 'Staggers Anthem' could still be played to death on commercial radio- it is certainly catchy enough- so they will get away with it. Harking from the realms of ultimate stadium rock, instead of the punishment they deserve, I see multiple fists punching the air, I see expensive lighting to compliment the twinkly arrangement and the hardhitting rhythm, I hear a loud chorus singing 'Share one last dream/ Me and you/ Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh'/ other lyrics about relationships being free or what have you. Because unoriginality brings power. The Plea have supported Snow Patrol. The plus one says that they sound like Coldplay. The B-side is a longer version of the A-side. There is nothing to think about here. If the public get to hear it, they will love it. Debut album 'The Dreamers' (what else?) is being pimped in a town near you some time soon.

Released 5th November, 2012

Anna C