THE HEARTBREAKS- Hand on heart

The strings of 'Hand on Heart' were arranged by James Banbury of The Auteurs and it shows. It has the same authentic feel. He has also worked with U" and Depeche Mode and the track was produced and mixed by Tristan Ivemy (Frank Turner). So it's hardly surprising that here is a song well-orchestrated in a traditional way, the guitars jangly, the anthemic melody triumphant. 'Hand on heart/ foot in mouth' sings the perfect pop chorus, soaring, often versatile vocals sometimes sounding like Andy Bell, sometimes a bit like Elvis Costello; the arrangement uplifting and successfully borrowed from the past, occasionally a reminder of U2, er, too. Simple, stylish, and steadfastly British, 'Hand on heart' could easily be played on the radio and you would be humming it later, Which is a bit rare these days, if you ask me.
Released 3rd December, 2012

Anna C