THE CRUNCH - Brand New Brand

For a band that only started in relation to a book launch, then THE CRUNCH certainly have some longevity. Not only that things appear to be going from strength to strength for the band.

When Diamond Dogs lead singer Sulo Karlsson was compiling an anthology of interviews with 70's rock and punk stars he struck on the bright idea of rounding up a few of his subjects to provide a musical interlude at the tomes unveiling. So it was that Terry Chimes (The Clash), Dave Tregunna (Sham 69) and Mickey Geggus (Cockney Rejects) joined him for a strictly one off show.

However, things went so well that by early 2013 they had laid down a debut album "Busy Making Noise" and were regularly gigging. When they eventually returned to their day jobs, many presumed that the show was over. But hell no! They're back and with an extra member to boot! To add a bit of feminine charm to the testosterone fuelled line up of grizzled old punk rockers they have recruited Idde Scultz on keyboards and vocals and are set to unleash follow up effort in BRAND NEW BRAND.

Any worries that standards had slipped are dispelled by the Blondie-esque intro of opener "Lonely Beat of the Heart". Hook laden, it continues the more melodic, but still damn catchy, side of (punk) rock strongly evident on their debut release. However, if you thought they may have gone, soft the aural assault of Chimes drumming, Tregunna's booming bass and Geggus' screaming guitar solos on "Limited Edition" and "Go Back To Go" quickly reassure you that they are once again just champing at the bit to kick over the traces.


Whilst the bulk of the album is hook laden pop punk, just to show they are not one trick ponies the first single "Neon Madonna" is the kind of reggae style skank that was always a hallmark of any Clash album. Similarly, they are not afraid to throw in the odd ballad or two as evidenced by acoustic driven "Save the Glow" and "Barricade Blues".

New girl Idde is used as a foil for Sulo on "Banner of Faith" and "Brand New Brand", the latter a song that would not sound out of place in the Rocky Horror Show, all 50's style doo wops and hand claps. Indeed, the band are confident enough in her ability for her to takes lead vocals on "Solid Rock Steady".

Another fine effort overall from the band and in the true spirit of punk they are financing its release themselves. So if you fancy owning a slice of musical history from a signed CD/poster, all the way up to having dinner with the band, take a gander at the pledge page below. Not only do you get a cracking album, but also a warm glow inside knowing you've metaphorically stuck up two fingers to the corporate businessmen who run all the major record labels.