Motorpoint Arena (Cardiff), Mon 2 March 2020

Cardiff is ready to party on a nice Monday night, an unusual day for a party, but it doesn´t matter the cream of 90's R'n'B is preparing an unforgettable evening for all the people who have gone to Motorpoint Arena, in the heart of the city.

Despite having a little problem with the ticket I arrived in time to see the most anticipated artists. I was quite surprised to see that the crowd was made up of groups of friends dancing and not paying attention to what was going on on stage, but it was for a very good reason; this performance was strictly formed for hits and nobody was looking for a deep album.

I missed the performance of the first artists: UK Garage All-Stars and Lisa Maffia and MC Romeo; for these reasons I can´t say anything about them, sorry boys!

Oxide & Neutrino was taking charge of warming up the crowd and they made a commendable job while Fatman Scoop had to DJ between sets and being the host of the venue, although sometimes resulted tiresome for the long speech and silly things that he made.

Next it was Blu Cantrell’s turn to take the stage, well-know for her song "Breathe"; with Sean Paul she made an elegant performance. Next, Mya stepped up with her show, nothing notorious to said about her, considering that was a bored show which had too much choreography without sense, maybe the new Brittany Spears of the hip hop?

Then Eve took the stage, the highlight of her set being a collaboration with Gwen Stefani - on the big screen- "Let Me Blow Your Mind".

A countdown clock appears on the big screen and there’s an air of anticipation with Salt-N-Pepa due onstage. The girls are indeed here and blast straight into "Push It". They back that up with "Let’s Talk About Sex" and "Shoop", all their great 90's hits. On the stage, Salt-N-Pepa demonstrated that they still being the Hip Hop's queens. And, with them, it’s the first time that people in attendance are taking notice of what’s actually happening on stage.

Then it was the turn of reggae star Shaggy’s set: "Oh Carolina", "Angel", "It Wasn’t Me" and, of course, "Boombastic". All of this hits made the delight for the crowd present in the venue who singing with the artist in chorus.

Headliner Nelly was unavoidable in the 2000's with hit after hit. Recent years, he wasn't so active, but the world hasn't forgotten him, as the best reaction of the night was for the rapper.

Apart from the genuine show of seeing Salt-N-Pepa live, you get the impression the crowd would have been equally happy with a DJ who put on all these hits.

Words and Pix - Maria