THE 1975- SEX EP

I wonder why The 1975 are called The 1975. Were they even born in 1975? I ask this because they encapsulate all that is yoof. I suppose they could be going through a midlife crisis of sorts if they actually were around in the '70's. Either way, the Manchester quartet, who incidentally met at school, would have you believe that they are all about corrupting young minds and making them want to rebel and shag each other. Skinny jeans round ankles. Hi-tops neatly placed by the side of the bed so Mum and Dad don't nag. I mean, they even go so far as to say that 'We might as well just f*ck'. Inspiring stuff in the same way that I used to think Korn's ADIDAS was poetry to my very ears. Put something on the end of it, kids, as old Mr Kyle would say.


Still, if there are naughty little mistakes to be made in life, this is probably the CD to be pounding away (ahem) when you make them, at least if you are really, really young and don't know any better. Indeed, the shockingly-titled 'Sex EP' was born to be played in little basement clubs, reverberating off sweaty walls. Or at least it could be featured in an episode of Hollyoaks (yeah, there are a lot of these artists around at the moment; s'not my fault). Pinching bits from an impressive mix of genres, The 1975 proclaim themselves magpies of culture and style- taking a range of influences (or perhaps as confused as most good youngsters), they swerve from liking electronica one minute (particularly the New Order-esque hidden track) to anthemic emo-ey rock, somewhat in the vein of Jimmy Eat World, the next. And, frankly the modern R and B of 'Undo ('I wanna see you wanna do it' is the chorus line) is just rude, though admittedly they do try and quench the fire with final track 'You', described as a nod to 90s shoegaze.

But, by then, it's far too late for that. Because The 1975 could be responsible for a whole new generation of teen pregnancies and they're not afraid to show it, show it. They're sexy and they know it (albeit a little effeminate-looking for my taste). They're also due to give birth to their illegitimate album in May this year, the catchy little bastards. Tune in. Cop out.

Released 19th November, 2012 (not my fault!)

Anna C