Standing Like Statues – ‘Make Up and Mind Games’

Standing Like Statues EP introduces a band that audibly feel like a gang, in the same way that Ramones do (although stylistically they are nothing alike). The bands team-spirit sound is displayed proudly throughout the 5 songs here, persisting even after the rough edges have been smoothed off by glossy production.

It’s a tough thing to nail but they seem pretty comfortable at it – thunderous bass-lines and drumming, laser-guided guitar breaks and a weaving two-vocal assault shouldn’t leave any room to move in a song
but they have got the balance right, allowing for the lengthy heart-on-sleeve lyrics to be hammered into anthemic melodies.


Lead track ‘Honestly, Honesty Doesn’t Cost A Thing’ sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Almost like a diary entry, it details the
conflicting feelings of being cuckolded (“Put my words to bed tonight with your make-up and your mind games”) and this is approached with fervour in the band’s performance which has plenty of dynamic range and gains momentum as the track progresses until they feel almost

From the scope of these 5 tracks, it’s clear that Standing Like Statues will appeal to fans of punk, metal and pop.

They’re on their way.