Scumbag blues
Anna C Gets Her Gun...


Motor Tapes are a Cambridge quartet who mostly specialise in guitar-based indie/rock. Recorded at the city’s very own Half Ton studios by Neil ‘Bugs’ Rogers, I believe, the sound is nice and poppy on the whole, a bit grittier on the EP’s title track, which is not unlike The Rolling Stones for its bluesy feel. The vocals sound more like Bono here but the ethic is the same- classic performance and songwriting, with a decent rhythm section.

The rest of the EP is melodic, generic really, but still not offensive in any way. The band try their hand at an electro style on ‘Worm’ but it is definitely in the rockier arrangements that they seem comfortable, sunny little pieces, particularly on, er, ‘Sun’, with a style dating back generally about 30 years but still not necessarily dated. I quite like it. Why haven’t I heard of them before though?*


I love this song and I love this video. Like a cross between the theme tune from Grease and some amazing New York disco, this is a departure from Har Mar’s usually quite odd yet comedic music, though still with the heavy R and B flavour, and I defy you not to crack a smile at it’s emergence into your life. The latest track taken from his new(ish) album, ‘Bye bye 17’ (available now on Cult Records), ‘Prisoner’ is warm and wonderful, like every soul artist’s best tunes should be.

Super cool brass and horn sections merge with funky bass in a tune about, unsurprisingly, being a ‘prisoner of love’ and, while there is nothing new about it, the track is absolutely classic, someone that doesn’t take himself seriously making some seriously good music. With the stunningly beautiful Fabrizio Moretti from The Strokes on drums no less, the video features Juliette Lewis and Mr Superstar in a BMX-off, riding with no hands high above their little bikes. It is absurd and kitsch but absolutely the best thing I have seen/heard for a while. I listened to it again and again. Just buy it. I can’t wait to hear the whole album.

Released September 2013.

THE WIFE BEATERS- The beat goes on!

The Wife Beaters apparently started out in Burgerville, AKA Plymouth if their gigs listings are anything to go by. The four-piece market themselves as a dangerous load of trailer-trash reprobates playing redneck garage punk rock. They broke into a recording studio to record their first LP, even though they didn’t know how to play- they just knew how to make noise. Their ethos hasn’t changed with practice. They still play Ramone-inspired punk- not a bad thing if they did it well. I know that punk isn’t meant to be tuneful but, if they are as rowdy as they claim to be, they need to tie their singer/guitarist, Vic Vitol, to a chair with a gag, not to hurt him but just to shut him up. Because he can’t sing for toffee. I mean, he really can’t.

Since 2011, they have been inflicting their brand of ‘comedy’ punk on the South West, releasing their second album ‘Hit ‘em again’ in October 2012. Their alter egos were raised by wolves, heavily involved in Thai drug trafficking and they have supported The Beatles and Elvis Presley. I don’t know whether they are slightly schizophrenic but with tracks like ‘Granny get your gun’ and ‘Scumbag blues’ you get the idea that their tongues are in their cheeks- I just don’t see the point of it. Their sound as bad as their taste, The Wife Beaters can’t play and they can’t really write songs but if you fancy wasting a fiver, you can purchase ‘The beat goes on!’.

Anna C

* Cos you've not been to enough R*E*P*E*A*T gigs - Ed