SEWER RATS- Moneymaker EP

If you have ears of steel and thick neck muscles, this trio from Grimsby may just be the bastard sons of Motorhead via Probot you’ve been waiting for. Taking classic songwriting back to the drawing board, breaking said drawing board against the wall, possibly even swallowing and regurgitating bits of the same drawing board and then shoving bits of it up the arses of the indie-pop scenesters that are still dominating new music today, Sewer Rats certainly make tracks that would cause a proud tear to trickle down the side of Lemmy’s weathered face, the side with the mole obviously.


Calling themselves ‘hard psych grunge’, needless to say, there’s a lot of heavy guitar-based noise in their debut EP. Though it’s generally formulaic in content, and its tracks are perhaps twice as long as they should be, Luke Morris’ growly vocals summon just enough disdain to be attention-worthy, the other two bringing a rhythmic energy, punctuated with a guitar-based psychedelic interlude in ‘Black Label Serotonin’, before launching back into the tinged metal that is most definitely their signature sound.


Signed to Whitechapel’s Fluffer Records, though ‘the Rats’ don’t show a lot of diversity here, their strength is in their combination of modern-life desolation and clear anger of what it might actually feel like to be a rodent living in someone’s shit. But, all joking aside, mind where you’re putting those signs of the devil in the mosh pit.

Anna C

Released 27th July, 2015