RATS AS BIG AS DOGS- Stupid suits you

What sort of dogs are we talking about here? Petite French bulldogs named BonBon? Great Danes? Obvious but important questions that need to be answered. Perhaps another reason I don’t go to Suffolk much if they have those types of problems. But maybe I should. I digress. Though I’m aware that REPEAT have already reviewed this, I thought I’d have my tuppence worth. Recorded by Seymour Quigley and another bloke whose name isn’t as familiar, Rats as Big as Dogs also feature Bury St Edmund’s Shannon Hope, who brings a good bit of melody to the otherwise intensely loud, ‘proper’ punk music. The quartet don’t miss a beat, mainly because their drummer is phenomenal; heavily indulging in the past, they sneer their way through songs in which I don’t really know what they’re talking about but those words I can make out sound pretty intelligent and meaningful. Sometimes disillusioned, always with a hint of rebellion, RABAD don’t want to hold a tune- they want to screw it, stamp on it and then probably lecture it about the state of the government in a catchy, repetitive style. And why not, eh?

Tracks like the hard-hitting ‘Print’ and ‘Generous when it suits’ should secure a place in everyone’s diaries when they next have a gig. Should be a lot of fun. Take earplugs though. I don’t have to. I’m already deaf.

Anna C