Rats As Big As Dogs – ‘Stupid Suits You’

Rats As Big As Dogs turn in an uncompromising set of punk rock songs, not so much knocking on the listeners door as kicking it off it’s hinges entirely.

The bands assured performances are complimented by a wall-of-sound style production, which reasonably opts to bury the aggressive vocals slightly
into the mix. With other bands, this would make lyrics a challenge to decipher. Not so with Rats As Big As Dogs, who spit so much blood all over the themes of greed, media manipulation and wilful ignorance, its hard not to get hit by the spray.


This CD will leave you with your ears in plaster casts. As is the tradition with injuries of this sort, you can get your friends to write supportive messages on them with marker pen. If you ask nicely, maybe the band will too.