RUEN BROTHERS- Blood Runs Wild

So, I’ve been listening to Zane Lowe lately, mainly because Lonely The Brave are on it all the time and I love them. I would listen to him more anyway if he wasn’t such a massive twat. Still, he does play decent music- he played this single the other day. Then he probably waffled some crap afterwards about it being an inspiring and energetic flight of the navigator that made him piss his pants. Or something.

But seriously. I like this. I like it a lot in fact. There are two of the Ruen Brothers. I have no idea whether they are actually brothers. Oh, hang on- yes, they are. And their names are Rupert and Henry. Don’t think it has the same ring to it as John and Paul but what the hell. It worked for Maurice, Robin and Barry. One has more stupid hair than the other. These things are important. Moving on. Harping back to raw sixties beat music when The Beatles were shagging frauleins in bunkbeds and taking crabs home to Cynthia and Jane, ‘Blood runs wild’ speaks for a generation that wishes they were born fifty odd years ago (well, I do), bringing back a time when rock and roll and sex went hand in hand, like they should do. And all this from Scunthorpe. Well, actually, from London when they moved there and released their homemade video onto Youtube. People went wild. One of the first songs that I can remember sticking in my head for a long time, ‘Blood runs wild’ is a tantalising tasty globule about not being able to get enough of someone- simple lyrics and a gritty guitar-based heat mean that they will also be in your blood and in your veins… oooh child… They’ll kick the arse out of Tom Odell when they go on tour with him.

Anna C

Released on 11th November 13        

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