- A Rum Old Do EP

So I’m moving to Cornwall next week and it’s got me thinking. Landing 350 miles away from everything you know makes for a reflective mood and in the last few months alone I have walked away what should have been a fatal fight with a white van and a tree, got a sign from my guardian angel (as if the survival wasn’t enough), got my Mum through lung surgery and hung out with a hedgehog called Manuel. I also got chucked out of the Cambridge Ukulele group for suggesting they play George Michael’s ‘Faith’, mortally offending them by making them sing ‘I think it would be nice, if I could touch your body’, raised eyebrows all round. What’s my point? Well, life is indeed a ‘rum old do’, isn’t it?


But it’s real too, real and silly and shitty and cool and uplifting. It’s a general acceptance and subtle celebration of the universe’s absurdities that forms the basis for this all-too-short EP. Raw acoustic blues courtesy of Rich ‘Boom-Boom’ Archer (Biscuits For Bears/ The Shivers/ Soldiers of Fortune) are often a jaded nemesis to Colborn’s classic, polished slide guitar sound; bleak but beautiful and very, very human in tracks like ‘It’s Snowing In Hell’ and ‘Eyes Of Strangers’ (‘Sticky Fingers’ era Stones). Two men writing stories to music have no obvious agenda other than perhaps someone, somewhere will identify with what they’ve created, pull up a bar stool, order a Malibu and Coke, take a load off and forget that anything else is important. That’s where this took me anyway and where all good music should. What’s more, I’m also rid of that awkward Ed Sheeran earworm I’ve had all day. Thank f*ck.

Anna C

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