REPUTANTE- Lock me up

I have been in hiding for a while and haven’t really done much more than work. Weirdly, as much as Reputante aren’t doing anything remotely outstanding or new, they are still a band that inspired me to do some writing and start having a life again. Though harking back to many other bands, the sombre yet uplifting mood of ‘Lock me up’ makes me feel alive again, without being able to explain why really. Thank you.


The foreign- sounding vocals of New York’s James Levy are also pretty cool as his voice gets deeper and deeper, telling a story of heartbreak over some uber-synth and sweetly sad backing harmonies. ‘How can you justify hurting the one you love?’ Levy croons, effortlessly cool in the vein of Joy Division as one comparison (though I never liked them much). A recording collaboration between James Levy and Tim Wheeler of Ash, and a band with Levy, Jimmy Giannopoulis, Jon Wiley, Pete Moses and Emiliano Ortiz, Reputante are signed to Cult Records, helmed by Julian Casablancas. Twit twoo indeed. This sounds quite a lot like him too. No bad thing if you ask me.

Anna C