Peace - In Love

From the biggest breakout band of 2012, Peace, comes the most anticipated album, so far, in my opinion, of the year. 'In Love' had high expectations, following the incredible 'EP Delicious'. Peace have managed to create music that combines the elements, so to speak, their individuality in producing a sound that one can listen to numerous times without having to change song. The album features the delightfully catchy single 'Follow Baby', the haunting 'Wraith' and the mellow and cool 'California Daze'. As well as a number of new songs that follow suit in being both creative and beautifully unique.


We are greeted with a delightfully relaxed 'Higher Than The Sun' which combines everything in Peace's musical portfolio to create an introduction to an album that deserves nothing less. The subtle guitar and drums provide a backtrack to Harrison Koisser's haunting vocals. Fading out into the more energetic 'Follow Baby' complete with one of the catchiest choruses I've heard in recent months. The energy is retained with the feisty guitar and singalong chorus of 'Lovesick' which sounds like darling love child of Mystery Jets and The Maccabees, what a gorgeous baby that would be? The tone reverts back to the mellow 'Float Forever' which gives a similar vibe to 'California Daze'. 'Wraith' was a single released before the album, so many may be familiar with it's somewhat funky yet haunting energy and chorus. For me, 'Delicious' is an acidic and more 'rocky' for lack of a better word, track which adds a little something else to the album. All the energy that has been reserved throughout the more mellow tracks suddenly reappears in 'Waste of Paint' an energetic and gritty, in comparison, song that still maintains the melodic vocals and lucid atmosphere that surrounds Peace's sound. 'Toxic' begins to bring the album to a conclusion emulating many of the other songs on the album. The penultimate song 'Sugarstone" settles down the energy back to relaxed way we began and prepare the listener for the delightfully cool 'California Daze'.

'In Love' has been one of the most anticipated album releases of recent times from one of the biggest bands in the UK music scene at present. The high expectations that surround not only the album but the band have been met with an excellent album that leaves the listener, well certainly left me, begging for more. Giving any fan of the indie scene 3 things on their to-do list: buy 'EP Delicious', Buy 'In Love', See Peace live. I look forward to another album that exceeds the standards of musical genius that this one has set.

Ash B