Peace - Delicious EP

Peace have quickly begun their journey to the top of the UK music scene.

With their melodic indie rock they have swept their way into the music libraries of many a music fan. The band have already supported the Manic Street Preachers, The Vaccines and Mystery Jets across the UK and Europe and received praise from a range of critics. Their EP Delicious, released on Columbia Records, consists of four tracks each as good as the one that follows. That's the truth! You know that one song on every CD that you skip because it's just there to fill up space? Well that doesn't exist on this EP every song is one you want to listen to the whole way through.


Ocean's Eye is a song full where the trashy indie rhythm of the guitar and drums combine perfectly with the flair of the vocals to create musical genius reminiscent the indie bands of the past. Ocean's Eye, features a catchy chorus that lingers in your head for days. The kind of chorus you want stuck in your head, rather than the diabolical pop you hear in your average Top 40 song.

Diversity is shown throughout the EP; the harsh guitars of Ocean's Eye are replaced with a melodic and funky rhythm that echoes tribal features, in the second track Bloodshake. When listening to Bloodshake you can't help but allow the feel of real music to wash over you and invade your brain, leaving you spellbound. The track is very similar to the toe tapping rhythms of Two Door Cinema Club with the lyrical flair of Mystery Jets.

California Daze echoes a delightful melancholy, twisted with the harmony soaked sound of the instruments and vocals. Again this track only emphasises the diversity of the band. That has helped them to rise so high in the industry. This track is a personal favourite of mine on the EP, one I've repeated many times purely because of the emotive lyrics; it's a track that you can lose yourself in.


The final track on the EP, a 10 minute long song called 1998. There are only a few songs that can consistently keep the listener engaged and captivated for such a long period of time, Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming by Green Day being two, possibly Guns n Roses November Rain if you can put up with Axl Rose's whiny bollocks for that long. This song is another to add to the list, in my opinion this song fuses everything we've heard in Ocean's Eyes, Bloodshake and California Daze to create a ballad that echoes the rest of the EP. The lyrics, fuse again to create a haunting feel about them in the best way possible.

Peace's bio on Facebook reads; "Music to fuck you in the heart" and EP Delicious certainly does that, it leaves you feeling like that one night stand that's desperate for more. This is definitely worth the buy, and look out for these boys at the top of the UK music scene very soon! Like I said the EP has left me wanting more and I can't wait to catch them in Cambridge.

Ashley Brooklyn