Patent Pending/The Dollyrots/Bowling for Soup - The Junction

After 15 dates in the UK, The One Big Happy Tour came to a close in the UK, at The Junction, in Cambridge.

The show kicked off with Patent Pending, a lively band from New York. Having met Joe backstage before the band went on I expected nothing less than the energetic performance Patent Pending provided. Their energetic pop punk style and catchy choruses echoed through the venue, warming up the crowd's vocal chords.

Patent Pending are a band that you should definitely go and see live, Joe's stage presence is incredible, something that is rarely found in musicians today, their engagement with the audience made everyone feel like part of the show. With it being the last night of the tour, Patent Pending made sure they went out with a bang. I had the pleasure of talking to Joe after their set and he is an awesome down to earth dude.

A highlight of Patent Pending's set was their song - Douchebag.

The Dollyrots followed, one of my favourite bands, who have invented a unique sound that really brings excitement to the music scene. Their set at Cambridge was nothing less than I expected, with their fast paced, punk rock, punk pop sound the atmosphere can only be described as electric. The band played some of their hit songs such as Jackie Chan, Because I'm awesome and Brand New Key. Kelly's powerful but angelic vocals and Luis' punky guitar created the perfect complement to their sing-a-long choruses which in their own right created a party atmosphere inside the venue.

Their set was enjoyable for the audience and their mannerisms on stage again made you feel like you were part of the show, it was a very fun set to watch and one I would definitely want to see again. During the set the atmosphere throughout the somewhat small room at The Junction, was one that continued throughout the night, kicked off by Patent Pending, their set would have seemed to be a tough one to follow, but the The Dollyrots stepped up to the plate and rocked the shit out of it. They are are an awesome band, with an amazing discography of punky, energetic and catchy songs that, I can assure you are also incredible live. They are well worth going to see live. Check out The Dollyrots' new album - The Dollyrots.

In terms of the pop punk genre there are bands whose reputation precedes them, one of these bands is Bowling for Soup. With their extensive song collection and reputation for comedy the night was sure to be one full of memorable moments.

They didn't disappoint!

The band played some of their classic songs such as Girl All The Bad Guys Want, Almost and 1985 as well as a cover of Stacy's Mom, which Jaret described as "marketing genius" on their part. As well as the music the crowd also witnessed Bowling for Soup, the band that waves back, and Jaret would often talk to the audience whilst on stage.

It was awesome to see a band that has such a major reputation in the industry to take the time to talk to the fans, especially mid show!

The coolest thing about The One Big Happy Tour is the onstage bar that was surrounded by The Dollyrots and Patent Pending. It was also frequently used by BFS, who during some of their songs would hand over to Patent Pending to continue playing whilst they had a beer. On the subject of beer the band played one of their latest songs Let's Go To The Pub which is another classic to add to their collection. As well as the music the audience were treated to the rapping style of Chris Burney and a bass solo from Erik.

When you go to see a Bowling for Soup show you get exactly that, a genuine show. The best thing about watching them is knowing that they're not holding anything back whilst they're up there, it's awesome to see a band that doesn't hold back and just has fun. It works really well and gets the audience involved.

That's why these three bands work so well together on this tour, they all make the audience feel involved and it's definitely One Big Happy Show.

Ashley B

Ash with Joe of Patent Pending