The Pale Faces
‘Guru’ / ‘Nature Calls’

Punk Fox Records (XOF002)

Beginning with a frantic series of swipes from the bass guitar, ‘Guru’ settles into a thundering glam-rock groove which leaves the minimal-but-loaded lyrical refrains of Janice Raw to do maximum damage to the nerve centre. An intense and tentative experience, this could soundtrack a scene in a David Lynch film, if only he was a bit more punk.

The accompanying DVD features more songs with promo films which expand the visual universe of the Pale Faces but in a weird way compromise the imagery that the music alone delivers, which is from a world of ominous shadow-casting question marks.

That said, it’s great to hear a band whose accompanying press release doesn’t scratch the surface of their potential. Listening to this record is akin to vigorously shaking a bottle of tomato ketchup and then realising that the lid isn’t on.

By Rich