PRIS - A Bomb in White Heat

Not so long ago 3 young ladettes (and a token bloke) came out of nowhere with snotty attitude and balls aplenty (no pun intended). Citing influences such as the Buzzcocks, Short Skirts, Vodka, the Slits, Leopard Print, Bret Easton Ellis and Cigarettes & Alcohol (amongst others) they had the look and feel of a feminine version of the early Manics.

Sneering through bright red lipstick they spat out tracks like "Blue Tack Baby", "Icon on a Motorbike", "The Better You Look the More You See" and "You Make Me Sick (Like The American Dream)". Fame was a forgone conclusion, support slots with the Manics followed and it seemed it was only a matter of time before the World knelt at their feet. And then....silence!

Well it appears that they are now awakening from their slumbers, albeit with a few band members lighter as now only Cat and Mary survive from the original foursome. Recently a cryptic note on their Facebook page invited the unsuspecting masses to apply for a free PRIS CD. However, just to show that they have not quite lost their punk attitude, each copy came with a special gift from the band such as an old nail varnish, cotton bud or unused tampon. Still Riot Grrrrls at heart it appears.


Whilst it contains only track, its a good 'un. "A Bomb in White Heat" starts off slowly and quietly, before militaristic drums herald the return of the PRIS parade, amidst swirling guitars and driving bass. Recorded at the Manics studio in beautiful Cardiff the girls reveal the song is about "East London pieface/twatheads", so the ladies appear to have lost none of their vitriol and ability to stick two finger up at everyone.

Whilst gig wise they have nothing in the near future, I hope this is the opening salvo of a full blown PRIS revival. With a dearth of good punk/rock bands, especially female, they are needed now, more than ever. And to support their endeavours, why not drop them a message on their Facebook page verbally licking their stilettos until they condescend to send you a free copy too!