Oh goody. Another group of angry girls who are barely out of adolescence and couldn’t pen a lyric if their lives depended on it. French school friends- part of a Parisian scene dubbed ‘Les Bebes Rockers’ due to the age of those within it- Plastiscines met their harpist at a Libertines gig and have no doubt also listened to a lot of Le Tigre, all of which has resulted in their ‘talent’ being recognised by EMI for Virgin France (presumably nothing to do with the Virgin bit…).

Taking their name from the song ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’, Plastiscine also count The Kinks and Blondie amongst their influences but end up sounding more like Kenickie and I think it’s best to draw a line under that one, eh, Ms Laverne? “I’m a bitch when I brush my teeth/ I’m a bitch when I walk down the street”, drawls singer Katty Besnard, over cool, swaggering and extremely repetitive guitars, a style which has admittedly achieved a lot in their tender years, perhaps for educational value (by the end of the track, you too will be able to successfully spell the word bitch as it is recited often enough). To see if the rest of their stuff is just as unimaginative, check out their debut album ‘About Love’ and decide for yourselves if they, too, will be advertising insurance like their supposed buddy, Iggy Pop, in a few years time…

Anna C


Released 25th January, 2010.