PAULINE MURRAY – Shadow in my Mind

In this most critical of times for the UK’s music scene - where buildings stay silent and those involved are now working four jobs just to pay the rent as they don’t have any other work - Pauline Murray is like a portal to a more carefree and creative time. She’s a punk who, inspired by seeing the Sex Pistols perform in 1976, formed a band of her own and named it after the Stooges’ track ‘Penetration’. In the video for her new single, she looks just as cool as she sounds, all bleached hair and wearing a tailored suit and, although there is no snarling, spitting or (thankfully) smack, a refreshing no-frills DIY ethos still emanates from her.


Understated and charmingly simple, ‘Shadow in my Mind’ is guitar/synth-led classic songwriting that the phrase ‘ear worm’ was coined for. The lack of political agenda is uplifting and there is a sense of pride and down-to-earth dedication to Murray’s music that shines through somehow. Given that she started recording her forthcoming album ‘Elemental’ four years ago, and its release has obviously been blighted with all sorts of problems, this adds to the realisation that artists like this really do need and deserve support. If there are any venues left, she will hopefully be supporting The Psychedelic Furs on tour in Spring 2021 and let’s make sure that she has our attention when she does.

Anna C

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