Nervous Twitch -
'I'm Sorry That I Made You Cry'

The second single for Nervous Twitch on the ace Punk Fox label sees the band continuing with an approach not dissimilar to Blondie in their celebration of pop’s rich tapestry. Each song comes with its own genre flavour, be it the twanging country guitar on lead track ‘I’m Sorry That I Made You Cry’ (The Housemartins anyone?), the surf feel of instrumental ‘East Coast Rumble’, or the garage rock organ of final track ‘A Little Self Discipline’.


It’s an approach that serves the band well because it displays their potential as musicians, stretching the listeners expectations beyond the imagined confines of punk rock. The Blondie comparison relates to
this, but goes no further. Nervous Twitch are a far grittier prospect and there’s a cold-light-of-day production to these songs that dares to show the band’s performance with no sugar coating.

This is a good progression from their previous single for Punk Fox, and offers no easy clues for what to expect next such is the band’s unpredictable nature. Maybe electro-pop?