Nervous Twitch -
Johnny's Got A Gun/And We Did 7"

Stylistically, there’s a fair bit of ground covered across 3 tracks with this 7” single from punksters Nervous Twitch and as such they wholly escape the sub-genre labelling that confines many of their contemporaries.


The brash and cyclical 4 chord thrash of ‘Johnny’s Got A Gun’ is misleading as an opening shot when you consider that the following track ‘And We Did’ sways at a dream-like pace (a bit like latter-day Jesus And Mary Chain) and is almost twice as long as its predecessor.

The final track ‘This Modern World’ features jerking guitars and a bass-line of which New Order would be proud. This record is almost like an introduction package to the band, taking in as it does different arrangements, tempos and moods.

This is yet another high-quality platter from Punk Fox Records, who to my estimation have joined the ranks of Speedowax and OddBox as the leading labels for punk rock and alternative rock.