When the rock'n'roll map of the World was drawn, it's a safe bet to say that Bridgend was not highlighted. But it's obvious from the opening salvo of their new EP "REAL LIFE GLORIES" that NICOTINE PRETTY are intent on changing matters.

These tracks have been forged from the adversity of their recent history and they come out swinging on opening track "Bygone Boy". Their influences of Johnny Thunders, Cheap Trick, early Manics and The Professionals are obvious, as the rolling thunder of their aural assault clears away the cobwebs of a self imposed hiatus.

No quarter is asked or given on "This Ship Ain't Going Down" with new boy Richie Phillips and bassist Ian Pickens effortlessly creating a backbeat that allows the band to let rip. Just maybe the lyrics are a clarion call to all those who have suffered the worst life can throw at them and refuse to be beaten.

More Pistols-like guitar and drums on "Bad Whiskey" keeps the momentum going and highlights again the often overlooked song writing ability of front man Ginge Knievil, who was responsible for all bar one of the tracks on the EP. Whilst the laurels of Welsh music are somewhat lazily reserved for the chosen few, it is time his abilities were truly recognised for both his past and present body of work.

Track four "Over the Edge" showcases the abilities of other guitarist Lewis Davies as he not only takes over on vocal duties, but penned the track as well. For some reason it reminds me of the Stereophonics (when they used to be a rock band!).

The last two tracks are re-recordings of both sides of their 2017 DIY single and, given that it only had a limited run of 100 copies, both are deserving of a wider audience. The sound is definitely cleaner and more professional than originally but none of the raw, balls out rock'n'roll intensity has been lost in the re-recording.

So with support slot shortly lined up for Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind, The Quireboys and Eddie & the Hot Rods the band are back with a bang. Given the challenges they have recently faced if any one deserves your support they do. So buy the EP, see them live and make Bridgend the centre of the rock universe.