At the risk of sounding like a professional Nottinghamite, I recently asked via social networking who the cities public thought "the King or Queen of Nottingham," was. For me, the "King of Nottingham," is easily Andrew Knight, the brains behind the consistently innovative Hello Thor label, which represents Fists, Cantaloupe and Anxieteam. (No words on Queen yet…)

The labels latest release, the new Cantaloupe EP, arrives with a lot of excitement attached to it, and rightly so. Lead track "Teapot Ahoy," manages to be innovative, but also has its own kind of nostalgia - in the way it takes us back to a time when synth music was pure, undiluted. Its minimal instrumentalism draws the listener in with a kind of clean aural sparkle, further enhanced by the Clem Stanation-directed video, a riot of charm and colour which flows with the sound of the song and blends, in Knights own words, "the best of Jim Henson.

Cantaloupe - Teapot from Clem Stamation on Vimeo.

Cantaloupe have been grabbing attention and airplay of late for a reason. Another triumph for Hello Thor.

Amy Britton