After my last review was dubbed ‘the worst review ever read’ (Fan of The Sick Livers, 2013), then I should include the disclaimer I am not held responsible if this is neither readable or interesting. Mind you, Neon Highwire are a trio who sound a lot better than those Welsh glunk-rockers anyway. Will probably be accused of reading NME for that one. Hey ho.

Having said that, I suppose Neon Highwire are a bit scene and therefore somewhat generic. Somewhere between Hot Chip, The Klaxons and bands of that indie-electro ilk, their sound doesn’t do anything remotely new but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to listen to it. Three men not from London, Neon Highwire all play synths so ‘Relate’ is something of a ‘synth-off,’ if anything- a bit like the episode of The Mighty Boosh when they play ‘Future Sailor’; a fusion of electronica to take the listener back to 1984 before you can say ‘but won’t that haircut make me look a bit of a prick?’ From tunes with symbols for names to those that use actual words to form their titles (e.g. Older Forests), Neon Highwire have a dramatic impact, majestic beats leading a powerful style of songwriting that can only be listened to wearing a ridiculous hat. And probably in Camden. One to see what you think really. Apparently they are really good live.

Released September 2013

Anna C