Music for a Good Home 2
Various Artists in support of Audioscope

Music for a Good Home 2 is an album from music making charity Audioscope with all proceeds going to UK homelessness charity Shelter. That's right, every penny made by the album will go to a good cause. That alone is a reason to snap it up! But as well as the money going to a good cause the album itself features a variety of music ranging from electronica to rock and acoustic music that will make your ears melt.

I'm not one for listening to electronica, quite frankly I can't stand it, there's something about it that makes my ears just want to wither and die but I figured seeing as the album is for charity I'd give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. The electronica included is from acclaimed artists such as Planet Mu's Boxcutter, Ninja Tune's Deco Child and Anticon's SJ Esau. The good thing about this album is the variety of genres so if you aren't into electronica like me and would rather stick to rock and acoustic then you can. With artists such as Wire, Richard Walters, The Workhouse, Gunning for Tamar, The Half Rabbits, Phil McMinn, and Kill Murray. So the CD is definitely one to tell your friends about because not only will their donation make such a difference to people's lives they will also be getting a CD that will provide them with quality music.

I must add a special mention about two artists that particularly caught my attention one is Laura Moody, a cellist and vocalist from London whose sound stands out from the crowd on this album providing listeners with a refreshing and imaginative sound that she appears to have mastered. Her song 'Oh mother' is a mixture of rhythmic cello sounds and lyrics filled with emotion, leaving the listener compelled by her sound. The second artist that caught my attention is Flight of Helios whose haunting vocals captivated me in a way that very few artists have done before. The harmonic vocals combine perfectly with the psychedelic flair of the beat providing music perfect to listen to at any occasion. This band from Oxford are definitely worth checking out as is Laura Moody.

The thing that impresses me most about Music for a Good Home 2 is the willingness and enthusiasm provided by the artists towards the cause, it really is important that we use music as a force for good and this album is a perfect advert for that. Aside from the brilliant qualities that the album has the most important thing about this CD is the intention behind it and the cause. I urge to buy this album not just for yourselves but your purchase will be providing for others.

Ashley Brooklyn

Editor's note
Watch tracks from a much earlier Shelter inspired video to raise money for the homeless here