Moonstrips - 'Moonstrips'

Moonstrips debut offering is a party punch of glam, garage and space rock sonics mixed with new wave-era songwriting. ‘How Do You Do’ comes on a bit like early Julian Cope until the final half of the song where some swampy riffage kicks in, more akin to a Monster Magnet jam.


On ‘534’ the songwriting continues in the same style, calling to mind The Psychedelic Furs and The Only Ones with shades of acoustic guitar a welcome addition to the mix.

It’s an interesting and successful brew which serves as a good platform for guitarist/singer Bryan’s off-kilter lyrics (“In my yard are many things of no use” is a classic observation from final track 'Catch' which could be missed in an ears blink) delivered in an appropriately clipped manner like a baritone Marc Bolan.

These three tracks make for a tantalising first look through the telescope at these space-rocking chaps, suggesting that they plan to move further away from the rock n roll template as time goes on.


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