Moonstrips 'Glimpses'

(Released on through Bandcamp from November 17th 2016)

'Glimpses' opens frantically with 'Say Please', just a stuttering guitar riff away from King Crimson's brutal 'Red' album. It ain't prog though, it's music born from the garage jam, proven by its simple but surly chorus ("I won't say please!") and bluesy rock out in the middle.

The second track 'Things You Lost' has an ominous build that is once again worthy of the Crimson ones (think 'Sailors Tale'), all drones and howls until it settles into the groove that feels like Monster Magnet weirding out on the 'Get Carter' theme.


At this point the album signals the arrival of the psych-rock that Moonstrips had hinted at on their first 3-song cassette. 'Why Do You Need It' and 'Broken Catapults' are shorter but equally chaotic and thrilling, the latter song sporting a fucked-clock time signature that thrills and confuses.

It all wraps with 'Silver Screens', a song that's quite hard to describe correctly, I'd opt for polymorphous. In its 12-minute running time it crosses the same musical frontiers as Pink Floyd's 'Echoes' does, but Moonstrips burn the bridges behind them, ending on a jam heavy enough to leave your turntable arm needing a sling.