Molasses – ‘Slagheaps’

Within thirty seconds of opener ‘Squeaky’s Beard’, it's apparent that Molasses have further honed their sleek and brutal post-punk attack since their last impressive record – check out the addition of harmony vocals, a range of punchy guitar sounds and a clarity in production that practically renders every riff and beat in braille.


The production is an entirely appropriate match to the increased scope in songwriting and invention on display here. The ‘Hasty Pudding’ EP showed the two-piece thinking in widescreen with songs and performances that filled up all four corners of the frame. On ‘Slagheaps’ they’re breaking the fourth wall and heading for your skull.

There’s no messing around - the epic feel is tempered by brevity, most of the tracks here just scratching the two-minute mark. No matter, the songs seem to stretch upon listening, such is the twisty nature of their riffs and structures. Overall, this record feels like a speed-reading of Black Sabbath’s Vol.4 with half as many players, performed in some odd space-time vacuum. And that is very cool.