Molasses - 'Hasty Pudding'

'Hasty Pudding' is one of those records which, like 'Reign In Blood', could result in a speeding fine if listened to whilst driving. There's a
giddiness to this EP, which doesn't so much push the excitement buttons as sticky-tape them down.

Opener 'Runt' barrels head-first at the listener like the charge of the fight brigade, a blur of skewered riffs and drills that lasts barely 90
seconds. Elsewhere, the title track plays like a seizure-afflicted fuzztone reading of the Roobarb & Custard theme.

But it's a testament to this bands songwriting that the excitement isn't solely generated by ferocity or volume. 'Moths On The Town' is a
measured piece with Alessia Lee's shimmering guitar line and hypnotic vocals aqua-planing on the wash of Katie Weeks' atmospheric drumming.


The energy of the songs are enhanced by unfussy
production, honouring the duo's guitar and drum interplay with minimum interference. 'Hasty Pudding' should be played at speaker-melting volume and treasured accordingly. Maybe not in the car though.


Listen for yourself here