Mojo Slide – Twist Your Bones
(Do It Records)

The Mojo Slide’s debut album ‘Twist Your Bones’ is a celebration of rock'n'roll’s rich and wild pageantry that allows traditionalism without succumbing to pastiche. They can be feral and go-for-broke in a way that recalls the Jim Jones Revue, poppy and knockabout like the Sweet (yes, the Sweet), and refined and thoughtful like peak-era Verve.

Religious torment is a major lyrical thread on this album – the lurching ‘Jesus Don’t Want Me’ and the brick-heavy ‘The Ballad Of Satan’ (“I was cast down by the Lord/But I found my fire/Why can’t a father show his son a little mercy?”) both detail isolation and rejection from different points of view, whereas ‘The Sky Is Falling In’ plays out the album with an ominous ‘end of days’-type prophecy (“I met the council of the town and I told them what I know/ The sky is falling in but they're not listening”).

Elsewhere, human attraction gets a look-in on the sleazy opener ‘Addicted’ and the gentler, piano-led ballad ‘Little Bird’ while the outlaw lifestyle is given a nod on the slide guitar-enhanced ‘Bad In Every Bone’.

The band show a versatility and confidence that carries these themes - a commanding lead vocal presence and twin-guitar attack occasionally bolstered with piano, what sounds like mandolin (but I might be wrong) and gospel-style backing vocals that hint at other possibilities.

This is an assured and well-conceived album that will serve as strong foundations to their future endeavours.



'Twist Your Bones' is available from 14th November on Do It Records