I have lost faith in most things. I'm waiting to be excited by something. Of course, this wasn't it. That's not to say that Monster Jaw aren't any good. They pen a decent rock tune, from the slightly shoegazing experience of 'Get a tattoo' in which lead singer, Mik Davis, encourages his fans to, um, 'get a tattoo', to the more energetic 'We don't care about anything' (won't make you guess how the chorus goes). After all, they have been played on the BBC.

Perhaps fancying himself as a bit of a Marc Bolan incarnation, Davis' voice and image are pretty glam, so much so that there is also a picture of him topless in the CD sleeve. Was a welcome surprise, perhaps there to distract me from my reviewing duties. Fail. Anyhow, this is a trio from up North who are obviously serious about playing music and enjoy being in a band. I guess that's reason enough for you to give them your attention. I did say that unless I really loved a CD I wouldn't write about it anymore. Another New Years resolution broken. But these guys are worth your ears. It's only three tracks, after all. By the way, this EP is called 'hashtag 1' but I can't find the hashtag on my keyboard. Sorry.

Anna C