MATT CURRIE- Superdopeness

All I know about this CD before listening to it is that it’s by a guy called Matt Currie. My plus one said he was trying to create a bit of intrigue like The Streets? Fail. But still, after a bit of internet snooping, I find out he’s from Norwich, he makes music (no shit) and watches documentaries. He also likes Adrian Chiles. Oh. After listening to it, I know that Matt Currie raps really, really fast and reminds me of fellow hip-hop artist, Josh Martinez. Because, aside from some hot beats, Currie is a little bit kooky, dubbing himself on one track as ‘spinal rap’, with a sometimes subversive mix of lyrical content encompassing war, being watched by technology, phone hacking, terrorism and, er, shagging Beyonce.


At times, he hints at boredom with modern life and all it conforms to; in other tracks he talks about someone called Patrick, because it rhymes with ‘dick’. There’s a sample from Arctic Monkeys too. The kind of man that makes you want to cause treason apparently, ‘Superdopeness’ (as I’ll assume this CD is called) is an interesting change from the tuneless indie punk that I have been reviewing of late. The last line here is ‘question everything you believe in’. Will Matt Currie from Norwich do this? Have a listen. He might just change something.

Anna C