Les Chausettes
‘Triple Water’/’Russian Boy’

The second release on the Punk Fox label from Les Chausettes shows the band broadening their sonic horizons considerably in comparison to their great debut ‘Kate’. Whereas that single had a Crypt Records styled garage rock production for an appropriately scuzzy performance, this new single ‘Triple Water’ offers an assured delivery steeped in spring-heeled psychedelia.


On first listen it leaves me thinking of Electric Prunes with stabs of tremolo-arm guitar and poetic imagery (“there’s no sympathy like water to a flower in decay”). Repeated listening reveals a Pixies influence – surf stylings underpin the song which builds to a surprise guitar freak-out finish that reminds of Joey Santiago’s more vicious moments from ‘Bossa Nova’.

The second track ‘Russian Boy’ seems like a more obvious contender for a single, a very poppy song with occasionally naughty lyrics and a bright, sparkly band arrangement that would fit in with the indie rock landscape of the 1980s. This song revels in its own jangly groove in a way that would give Best Coast sleepless nights and overall this serves as a good contrast to ‘Triple Water’.

So, here is another finely packaged effort from the Punk Fox label and one which shows Les Chausettes gaining momentum in a way that suggests longevity in their writing and reward to all who pay attention.


'Triple Water'/'Russian Boy' is released 29th January 2016.