Leika - Remote Control

Leika are a London based band formed in 2006. They have been referred to as the missing link between Talking Heads and The Libertines. Not sure where that leaves them but I wasn't particularly sure where it left me after listening to their latest release, Remote Control / Drops, a single which they recorded with one time Manics producer Greg Haver.

But that could be the whole intention; Leika boast that their sound is original and unique. They have been championed by Tom Robinson and are becoming quite a hit on the London scene . The heavy sax intro on Remote Control is reminiscent of the good old Spandau years (thank f … they're over) but the sound develops into an unexpected direction.


Result: there's a lot crammed into this which begins to compress the array of sound s into a vacuum. I was left agreeing with the concluding lyrics of 'Drops', where do we go from here?'


Leika are on tour this winter so you can make your own mind up by checking them out at (if you're in London that is)
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Nov 30 ? Nice cover design though.
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