VARIOUS 'Love Music Hate Racism EP'
Repeat Records MBRR134 (CD)
(59m17s), 2010

19 tracks with 10 acts & 2 tracks each except for Fever Fever who do one. Kick-starts well with Ten City Nations' 'Hidden Shallows'; then the excellent Shills keep the action going with 'Tell Me What I Really Want'; Popular Workshop provide a gritty screeching 'Her Birthday'; the female led Micropenis supply the absurdly contagious 'Secretarial Elite' - lets all say "Elite"; then boy-girl mayhem via Kunk and 'Attack! Attack!'; now it's nu death metal with Hyman Roth & the originally titled 'In Front Of The Opposite'; we are lifted up via Greg McDonald who delivers the beautiful 'A Little Strange' which would have been a number one back in the 60s – yes "let's start tonight"; more boy-girl punk mayhem via Glory Glory who provide 'Love For Love'; Feedback with
cute teen punk 'Bad Habit'; Fever Fever with female punk nu metal noise 'Who Asked You?'; straight back to Feedback who deliver another
cute noise anthem in 'Sophie T'; no rest for the wicked because Glory Glory pummel us again with their teen angst fun 'Meg Griffin' ("said it
twice" & "you say we say you say we"). The tracks are now proceeding in a descending reverse order (as each provides their 2nd track & a similar
slice to their first offering) and so now it's Greg McDonald, then Hyman Roth, Kunk, through to Ten City Nation with in particular Shills 'Sweet
Inertia (Acoustic)' & TCN's 'The Air Is On Fire' standing out. All in all another great blast from Repeat. (8)

Ron Cooper, Zabadak

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