Cardiff Barfly
6 May 2009

I always think the mark of a good group is how they react to a sparse crowd. Any Tom, Dick or Madonna can play to a packed out Wembley stadium, but how many would work their nuts off when the turn out is only in double figures? Not many I'd wager, but that is something that cannot be levelled at Kutosis' after their sterling efforts on this wet Wednesday night in Cardiff.
Matters aren't helped by their timeslot being in direct competition with Chelsea's European Cup semi final, but did that stop Cardiff's finest post-punk outfit? Did it f*ck!

Having been championed by two of the biggest name in rock music - Radio 1's Steve Lamacq and R*E*P*E*A*T*S very own Rosey - they come with a fine pedigree, and there is absolutely no excuse why any self respecting music fan should not have their debut release "Vultures" in their collection. (look here pop fans). Their growing reputation has secured them support slots with the likes of Babyshambles, The Paddingtons, Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and they now have a new three track EP "Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo" to promote.

Pix Simon Ayre

Their set opened with "Abstract Animals" and immediately the stage is filled with the sound of edgy guitars, solid backbeats and vocals that confirmed a band confident in its own abilities. I was warned by lead singer Ian that their set list referred to tracks by alternative names, so whether the next number was actually called "Seagull" is open to question, but I can still vouch that it's a cracking song irrespective. Next track "You Told Me Devro Decides", from the new EP, opens with thumping drums and a scratchy guitar that had me thinking of Franz Ferdinand. It even has a big and catchy sing-along chorus that would do justice to our Celtic cousins, and I particularly liked the shouty bit in the middle that builds up nicely with the guitars to a crescendo of an ending.

"Joseph" starts with an intro reminiscent of +44 "When your heart stops beating", but abruptly flips into a Selfish C*nt style vocal tirade which works well. This interplay continues throughout the entirety of the song, and in fact carries over into next number "Treehouse". Needless to say each of these were warmly received by the assembled crowd.

Whilst each member brings something to their unique sound, special mention should be made of drummer Ben whose ability to deviate from the norm gives them the canvas on which the rest of the band can paint it edgy and eccentric sound. Staccato guitars overlay each song and are embellished by a lead singer who has a vocal style not unlike John Lydon in his early PIL days.

"Liar" and "Watertight" stick to the same successful formula, and see the band filling the subterranean cavern of the Barfly with their huge wall of sound. A successful evenings work is brought to a conclusion by "Blinking Psychos" a corker of a number that finishes in a wall of feedback.

Kutosis show that they have good taste in badges if not football teams

This band deserves a bigger audience and a higher profile. Thankfully their sound doesn't fit into the usual X Factor/radio friendly dross put out by the commercially obsessed major record labels, and they are all the better for it! I suggest purchasing their back catalogue immediately and here's hoping that new talent like this gets the recognition they deserve.

Oh yes, and they are also Cardiff City fans as well !!