Imaginary Walls Collapse...
Edd Pipe hears some Dirty Boy sounds...

Dynamo Jack - Dirty Boy EP

Opening with a punchy, dirty, sharp riff the 'dirty boy' EP shouts RATM, and "FUCK YOU" in your face with immense force, and backs it up with an attitude to boot. The second track shows us more of the punked-up attitude, a meaty opening bass riff and more defined, almost GNR brand metal, chorus drags it above, but still near the fistful of "fuck you" that you get punched into your stomach from the first track. "Geneva" brings it back, RATM all the way. the guitars clanging, and drums clashing around your mind. Not a record to sooth a headache, but equally not a record to overlook. Yes it may not be the most original, but the songs do hold their own as quality tracks, tracks you would put alongside RATM, but not underneath; like a younger cousin who needs time to mature and bring together their own collective thoughts, and establish themselves as creators of what they want, not what they listen to.

A promising start for more to come, but for me not quite there yet.


Adam Stafford - Imaginary Walls Collapse

Opening with an entrancing group of rhythmic textures, the title track holds great promises. Stuttered melodies, wailing leads, and repeated vocals leave an interesting mark on the mind reminding you of bands such as Neu!, and CAN. Retuning with "Vanishing tracks" and a squelching snare sound that you can't escape from. This song has much more structure, but feels a bit rigid. This song strikes me as Adam's "safe" option, with a general pop feel, whilst retaining a hint of originality. The next track "Ghostly Arms" makes up for this; after a minimalistic start this ballad keeps the rhythmic feel of the album, but slows everything down letting you appreciate each part in full. A good song for a rainy day.

"Please" ensnares the listener with more subtle melodies, and a more standard drum beat. The song makes me think of the slow bluesy feel of "The Doors." The hard beat boxing in "Cold Seas" seems out of place in the soft habitat, the soft lumpy bass on the other hand suits perfectly. The next track brings back the twanging and repetitiveness exploited in the first two tracks. Dancing between different parts band instruments, this track almost feels like an improvised jam.

The rest of the album continues along much of the same path as these previous songs. In all a comforting rainy day record, definitely worth a re-listen. 

Polly - The Heartbreaks

For me the bands name sums up the feeling of this track. An emotional ballad about a girl. (Not cheesy or anything, well ok maybe a little bit.) Back to the point though, the track holds itself well, and I could see it being a pop hit. But for me it doesn't catch the essence of enthusiasm that you like to hear from a new, young band. The structure, and melodies all seem too familiar. The instrumentals don't seem spontaneous, but instead pre planned. It strikes me that this track is just a formulaic pop song, designed to be accessible and catchy, and not a medium for the bad to express themselves, but to gain fans of a certain kind. As a media sensation, it could be a hit. As musical discovery it just doesn't have that new raw feel. 


The Gonzo's - Demos

The recording quality isn't the best, they aren't the tightest band, and don't produce the most sophisticated tracks. But they make up for it with buckets and buckets of enthusiasm, and snippets of brilliance in some of the riffs and vocal styles. The opening riff on the second track has a particular bite to it. And the flange on the guitar in the break is just right. The third changes again, with a much more metal feel than the punky attitude of the previous track. A meaty set of demos, that bring promises of brilliance, but haven't quite achieved it yet. The potential is there, and given time they may produce something special. It will be interesting to watch how they mature as a group, and how their music develops. 
A 7/10 promising more.

Edd Pipe